What is a MemAuth Secured Image and what makes it secure and valuable?

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A MemAuth Secured Image is typically a logo of similar that signifies that an Organisation is a member of a particular Association (Issuer). That image is tied to a specific location ( and therefore cannot be copied. Its display is dynamic in appearance encouraging the view to click the logo, which in-turn connects to a real-time online certificate that verifies the status of the Recipient.

It comprises of five elements, the Issuer image, the dynamic shield indicating it is a MemAuth Secure Image, a counter (or clock) that indicates the image is real-time, a call to action. Click any part of the image opens a real-time Certificate that verifies the status of the Recipient.

When the Issuer, sets up a Recipient either as a single one, or many via an import, each Recipients domain (e.g. is specified. The mechanics of its operation is similar to SSL, as used on most websites.

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