Real-time authentication of any image based relationship

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Association Membership

Industry Associations represent a voice to government and protect the reputation of an industry. Ensure only verified commercially current members can show their authenticated membership logo and certificate.

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Vendor Partner Programs

Add value to resellers with formal recognition of their skills to aid in their business development and support increased vendor revenue via channel partners.

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Training Compliance

Verification an acceptable level of training and education has been reached by a member of a Assocation or industry body.

Certificaton & Accreditation

For consumers make purchasing decisions easier with internationally recognised certifications such as ISO 7000, that defines a set of pictograms and symbols for public information.

Buying Groups

Demonstrate membership of a buying group which can result in consumers gaining access to greater discounts or specific products and services.


Panel Contracts

In real-time validate the status of companies permitted to supply to government and statutory authorities. Provide an additional incentive to apply for panel contracts.


Brand Protection

When a third party is provided with use of your brand, MemAuth provides a robust authenticated validation of its use.


Other Applications

MemAuth can be used anywhere there is a need to verify the authenticity of a image, or more specifically those associated with the image and centralise image control.