Plans that scale

After a demonstration of MemAuth we can provide a free trial. If required MemAuth can provide  professional services to assist the onboarding of your members

Save 20% with an annual subscription


Feature rich solution with the core features.


Additional Recipient allowance and features.


Free test account and assistance in getting started.




Number of Recipients, each with a unique Secure Image





Number of Secure Image designs

Secure Images




Change color, size and location of Secure Overlay

Customisable Secure Image

Recipient can retrieve unique Secure Image without need for use account from Issuer

Recipient self-serve

Issuer can simultaneously deploy unique Secure Image to all appropriate Recipients

Centralised Secure Image management

Image links to real time Certificate that verifies the Recipient status

Real-time certification

Personalised content available for real time certificate

Customisable Certificate

Hoover panel on unique Secure Image can be customised

Customisable Panel

Ability to import all recipients via CSV

Mass Recipient import

Automate new Recipients additions, deletions and changes from external source

Accounting integration

Embed page with all certified Recipients on Issuer website

Membership page

Unique QR code enables printed certificate with real time validation to be displayed

QR Code on real time Certificate

Fast informed response to your email queries

Email support

If we cannot help you via email, we'll arrange a Zoom call

Video support

Pricing FAQs

We believe the most productive method for prospective clients is to initially provide a demonstration of the solution. If it appears a fit we would be pleased to create a free evaluation account and offer support as required to get underway.

Billing is three months in advance.  You may cancel anytime.

The service is billed in US dollars.

Contact us and we can instantly upgrade you. This is currently a manual process but takes only seconds.

MemAuth provides complimentary support for initial setup, Additionally MemAuth can provide turn-key installation by quotation for a nominal cost.

At this time MemAuth invoices client and payment is made via credit card. In Australia annual accounts made be settled via EFT.

Annual accounts attract a 20% discount, outside Australia via Credit Card. In Australia payments may be made via credit card or EFT at the prevailing exchange rate.

You can add members up the level of the plan. Additional member packs are affordable. For pricing contact us.

These are Features we are actively building now. Being a SaaS application as soon as they are fully tested they will be automatically releases to those applicable plans.

No credit card is required.

Any other questions?

Sometimes it takes a helping hand to guide you in the right direction. So, if you have any question about our product, implementation, integration, or anything else, please feel free to get in touch with us. We’re always ready to assist you.