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MemAuth is a service designed for the provision of secure and authenticated membership and certification logos. It validates in real time the status of a recipient.

MemAuth is similar to  a SSL certificate. It provides a real-time connection between the website of a Recipient and an Issuer. MemAuth provides instant visible recognition that an organisation actually is a valid and authentic Recipient.

Typically the service is ideal for any organisation where the validity of a relationship needs to be confirmed. Specific examples are provided on Solutions.

Working with differing associations we saw examples where businesses were making claims about being an association member. This led to reputational damage and lost revenue for the associations and members alike, compounded by overall industry damage from rogue operators.

For associations it delivers the following outcomes:

  • Increases and protects income
  • Protects the Issuer’s reputation
  • Drives membership uptake
  • Minimizes rogue operators
For members MemAuth delivers some valuable benefits:
  • Increases margin
  • Differentiates from non-genuine members
  • Protects reputation
  • Increases margin and shortens sales cycles

MemAuth forces Recipients to renew their membership  or certification as required by the issuer. Any lapsed status is automatically reflected on the MemAuth logo placed on the Recipient’s web site.

For use cased please refer to the Solutions provided.

All accounts are invoiced in advance. MemAuth only accepts credit cards. Prior to commissioning MemAuth invoices one month. After this MemAuth provides quarterly invoices.

Setup & Operation

The actual configuration of MemAuth is a simple task for the issuer, requiring  requiring little time and few skills. Import recipients and their expiry date into MemAuth, add the logo. Then send your recipients an email advising them to load their new secure logo, and the task is completed. If needed MemAuth can handle this complete process for a small service fee.

Absolutely, whilst it is simple to use, MemAuth’s support is from simple advice to complete commissioning.  We are here to help.

Every Recipient has their personalised Issuer logo. This logo constantly changes and  links to a certification page where their unique certificate is displayed.

Each recipient is provided with a unique piece of code to apply to their website. This generated their unique real-time logo. Protection ties this code and verification to that website. Therefore it will not show only the valid Recipient on the authentication page.

No. To display the active logo code is required that is hidden from end-user view. This code is unique to each Recipient.

No, all they need to know is their email address associated with their Association membership.

This is a line of code that is placed on the member’s web site. The code takes literally minutes to install and can be done by the person that looks after the website. This only needs to take place once. The issuer can automatically and centrally update all logos for instance on the first of January.

The Issuer logo is automatically replaced with white space so there is no visibility of the Recipients status. Once renewed the valid logo is automatically restored. 

Yes, MemAuth allows the embedding of a valid Recipient page on the Issuer website. This is automatically updated as a status changes.