Experience and subject matter expertise

In working with several Associations a challenge for all become apparent.

A growing number of companies purported to be members of an industry association, when in fact they were not nor had any intentions to join. putting at risk the reputation of the Industry, Members and the Association.

 Appreciating the needs of Associations and their stakeholders we understood the solution needed to be effective, simple to deploy, affordable and scalable. To this end “Membership Authentication” was created. 

It became apparent this requirement applies to many other sectors such as Vendor Accreditation.

We invite you to take 30 seconds to discover our approach. Please read on to discover our mission, values and credentials.


MemAuth’s mission is to provide an robust solution that ensures “membership authentication”. This assists Issues in protecting their brand, revenue, adds value for Recipients, whilst protecting reputations.


Crafted since childhood and reinforced over years of business.
* Treat everyone honestly and fairly
* Deliver what is promised

Pretty simple eh?


Without sounding too brash we’re pleased to say the MemAuth team have developed businesses that have built a diverse range of online applications from online trading systems for one of Australia’s “Big 4” billion banks, through smaller bespoke solutions.