{Issuer Name} Secure Image Code Generation

You have been directed to this page typically as a member of an Association, a certification, award or a situation such as these, where a secure authenticated image is used.

This page is used to generate the code displaying a secure certified image for a website. 

The code provided produces an image on a website that is locked to a domain (e.g. yourcompany.com). If this is attempted to be used elsewhere it will not be displayed.

That image links to a separate secure page that provides a live certificate that also validates the authenticity and live status of the organisation displaying that image.

This eliminated fraudulent use of the issued certification for the benefit of legitimate recipients.

Click this logo to see the security in action.

Get your secure certification code here:

Inserting the email address that is registered with {Issuer} will result in code shown here. Follow the instructions and/or video to enable the secure certified image to be shown on your website. 

Or copy this code and send to your webmaster.

If further assistance is required please refer to the instructions that can be found HERE or refer to the video on the right.