Digital image security and authentication

Drive increased Issuer and Recipient revenue, security, verification, credibility and reputation protection, all in real-time.

Drive Revenue Growth

Visible real-time validation compels organisations to maintain "valid" status which can protect and grow revenue.

Add Relationship Value

Enable genuine Recipients to clearly differentiate from fraudulent organisations purporting to be authentic.

No Expertise Required

MemAuth is simple to get underway and manage, with no special skills required.

Reputation Protection

Reduce damage to an Issuers and its Recipients because of rogue operators pretending to be authentic.

Scalable and Affordable

Cloud based, so scale as needed, making it suitable for all sized organisations.

Real-time Verification

Embedded time stamps with click-through to a real-time certificate ensures authenticity.

Simple to deploy and use

Upload image

Issuer uploads logos used by recipients to display their authenticated membership 

Create Secure Overlay

Issuer choses and customises the  secure overlay elements such as the expiry date

Advise Members

Share with members the benefit of, and the addition their authenticated image

Centralised Control

Increase revenue, security, flexibility & reputations. Decrease management time

30 second MemAuth introduction