Secure Versus Fraudulent Image

So what is stopping and organisation from purporting to be a member of an Association, Certified or Accredited? Nothing.

On the left is MemAuth’s fully authenticated and transparent membership of Certified Secure Image Provider’s Alliance ( To the right is an fictitious Association where a logo is simply and fraudulently used, to mislead viewers into believing a valid membership currently exists. 

Valid Membership

Instantly dynamic images are visible. These cannot be copied. Hoovering over the Secure Image reveals more information unique to that recipient. Clicking the image takes the view to a secure website, providing even more customisable and unique information.

Fraudulent Membership

No, MemAuth is NOT a member of this Association, but it demonstrates just how simple it is to purport to be a member. Simply copy the Association image and locate it on your website: No validation and no authentication.