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A sample email to send to your Recipients.

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Dear {Recipient/Member},

At {Issuer Name} we’re working hard to ensure only current paid up members can access the services and reputation of out Association. As part of this drive and to add more value to your membership we’re please to announced the implementation of Secure Authenticated Images for our members, such as this example.

This means only paid up members will be able to use the membership accreditation. Should a organisation cease to be an accredited member their valid certificate will no longer be visible. This solution is very simple for your to add to your website and will only need to added once.

To see how the Secure Authenticated Image appears click this link for a sample. CLICK HERE.

To add your image is simple. CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on adding the secure image. For Frequently Asked Question about the service CLICK HERE.

Naturally please contact us if you have any questions and we or MemAuth can assist you as appropriate.







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