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Secure Image Overview

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Following, is an overview of the Secure Image and the different elements that comprise of a Secure Image.

Firstly, a common use case for Secure Images is being an active member of an Association. Typically that member is granted rights to display the Association logo (image) as shown:


Inspecting the Secure Image closely reveals the different elements that serve different purposes. With the exception of the MemAuth badge (item 2.) a Issuer can select whether display the element or not.

  1. The logo (image) uploaded by the Issuer.
  2. The MemAuth Security Badge
  3. Counter or Timer that provides a dynamic element to the image. If selected as time indicated the validity period.
  4. Message, which is user defined, such as year. It also can be used to incite a person to click the image.

Adding and positioning these element is completed on the Image Management screen as shown.

Clicking the image reveals a Dynamic Certificate, as shown below.

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