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Understanding several terms using by MemAuth will assist in getting started and using MemAuth. Here are the frequently used terms:

Certificate: The real time web page that is linked to from the Secure Image.

Image Overlay: The other elements including the text, watermark and counter that are embedded with the the Issue Logo.

Image Retrieval Page: This is a web page hosted by MemAuth or the Issues that is where a valid Recipient case retreval the unique codse to display their secure logo from the issue.

Issuer Logo: The initial image used by the Issuer to associate a recipient (member) with the Association.

Issuer: The organisation that issues the secure image and certification. This frequently is an Association

Recipient: The organisation that is a member of the above. So it frequently is a member that pays an annual fee to be a member of an organisation.

Secure Image: The image displayed on a member’s site indicating they are a valid “recipient”. Frequently this is a logo, but it could be a certification level, such as gold, silver or bronze.





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