Product Update

Here at MemAuth we are rolling out the new features at upgrade to existing feature on a regularly.

With this first posting about recent enhancements it is prudent to reflect on three components of our product development;

  • New Features
  • Enhancing Existing Features
  • Testing Process
  • Bugs


New Features

These are driven by our perception of what our clients and prospective clients need. As indicated in our background we have some good subject matter expertise, that is based on our working in the space of member based organisations. Based on initial feedback the prognosis is good.

Enhancing Existing Features

Based on feedback or our revisiting of existing capability we may make changes to the workflow, functionality or User Interface to better reflect the needs of our clients.

Testing Process

The team at MemAuth have deep experience in software development and consequently have developed a robust development and testing procedures supported by appropriate Test Case Management application. All developments go through the classical testing sequence of alpha and beta testing. At the conclusion of beta testing if it is a major release we would invite selected users to the Early Access Program (EAP). Currently there is vacancies for the EAP. For more information please go here.


Yes, we anticipate these. Typically they are not critical in nature and can be address with the next release. Naturally if critical they are addresses as a matter of urgency.


Unless urgent expect to see updates every two months.

Regardless of the issue we are excited to always here from our clients and prospects.

If you have ideas, needs or feedback please reach out to us here.

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