How to keep memberships current

As we close out 2021 and look towards the new year wouldn’t be great if you current members had the Association membership logo on their website automatically updated to reflect the new year.

Yes, right you say, how are we going to make that happen? However it is simple if your Association is using MemAuth to automatically manage your Association’s member logo..

How you ask? With MemAuth all members use a small snippet of code on their website to  display their personalised Association membership logo. This only needs to be added once to a member’s website and thereafter is centrally controlled by the Association.

For instance if you wish to date a Membership logo with a current year, then simply create a new graphic of the logo with the year (as shown). When the clock strikes midnight ( just kidding) update the logo in literally seconds the all current members will automatically had the new Association logo installed on their website. 

There is literally nothing for your valued members to do. The great news is those fraudulent industry participants that have copied and faked a logo will no longer have the current Association logo.

Ensure member are made aware of this feature. It is just another way MemAuth assists Associations to keep and grow their membership and revenue base.

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