Announcing the Early Access Program

For a few prudent organisations MemAuth is providing access to its Early Access Program (EAP). The EAP provides some great benefits those few that enter into the program.

The program provided on a selected basis to provide those organisation with several significant benefits including;

  • Comprehensive onboarding by MemAuth’s Product Manager and CTO. Whilst the web application is extremely intuitive it reduces the time that the EAP partner needs internally to get operational and start seeing the benefits.
  • The opportunity to influence product direction, requirements and enhancements.
  • A cost of US$49.00 /per month for lifetime. Yes, lifetime. This represents a saving of at least 75%.

In return MemAuth requires;

  • Feedback on the process, thoughts and recommendations.
  • Being referred to in MemAuth marketing material.

We welcome questions to get the ball rolling.

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