Covid 19 Illustrates the Importance of Image Security.

One on the greatest challenges of the past 100 years has been the pandemic the emerged in December 2020. Sciences was amazingly fast to respond with vaccines and governments across the world are rolling out vaccine program. A consequence of that and given the level of contagion for the new variations, was for some governments and companies how to identify those who were vaccinated from those who were not.

The concept of vaccine passports has arrived. Good in concept but with the ready access to editing software, printers, software and skilled editors, a static document will no longer suffice. Even some of the traditionally more secure technologies are probably inadequate.

The Australian government’s initial passport was quickly described as insecure.

Regardless of the application, it is now common practice and seen as a challenge to bypass any offered security. Now is the time to investigate how to secure your digital assets. At MemAuth, that is our Mission.

Following is the link to an article from Australia’s public broadcaster, the ABC entitled “COVID-19 vaccination certificates at risk of forgery after discovery of another security flaw“.

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