Welcome to MemAuth – A solution for the times

Firstly thank you for take the time to visit MemAuth, especially in this difficult time when so many people and businesses are suffering incredible headwinds.

So why launch a business at this time? Whilst being fortunate enough to not depend on the success of this business, I saw in other activities the blatant abuse of organisations purporting to be members of an Associations and the industry damage they caused.

In my activities I work with several industry Associations and Peak bodies that represent that industry. They serve a critical purpose in the development of that industry. In order to survive a critical element funding is via membership dues from the members they service. Without that source of revenue the Association become ineffectual to the detriment of the industry.

So, we got thinking about defining the problem and various outcome. We based those outcomes on both our experience and some market research (watch out in later blogs).

The solution should:

  • Drive industry participants to join the Association.
  • Remain members.
  • Add value for members.
  • Increase industry compliance
  • Protect reputations
  • Provide transparency

And this is just the beginning. It it quickly becomes apparent there and several groups of stakeholders and many considerations.

At the same time we wanted a solution that enabled end users; those who take services from those organisations in that sector to cl

early, quickly and easily identify those companies that are member of that industry association. By being members, they can be help to account, standards can be assured and end users have greater confidence in their selection.

This correlates to shorter buying cycles, increased margin and hence profitability for that member.

Quite simply the best solution is in one way or another to be able to have a MEMber AUTHenticated real time so that anyone can clearly and instantly confirm the membership status of any organisation. In that methodology the concept of MemAuth was born.

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